Fight like a Mother! 2016

FLAM2016.WEEK BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY (SATURDAY): 20 + Artist Mamas will be Expressing the Power, Love & Struggle of Women & Motherhood thru many styles of Art. Bring your Mother, your Family, your Friends & Join us at the ColorWheel Gallery for an Inspirational & Educational Afternoon full of Amazing Art! Yummy Food! Community Connections! & Local Mamas Performing Spoken Word, Poetry & Prose! *Featuring Artists, Tammy Ortegon – Eileen Espinosa – Elle Meza – Melodee Strong – Stephanie Morris – Carolyn Olson – Madeline Martin – Lori Greene – Kelly Newcomer – Esther Osayande – Jennifer Kunin – Nataly Quintero – Dakota Hoska – Gloria Larsen – Jane Evershed – Tina Blondell – Mari Harris – Hawona Sulivan Janzen – Barb Tilsen – Frangena A Johnson & Caroline Carter – expressing their passion thru painting, collage, textiles, mosaic, photography, jewelry, sculpture, poetry, healthy food & More!*
-As always, wealthy business men are handing out million dollar bonuses, while education & healthcare are being cut. Sports stadiums are being built, while thousands of children sleep in shelters & on our cold streets every night. Billions are spent to create & drop bombs on defenseless women & children all over this world, while people claim to be “pro-life”. It makes us want to… “FIGHT LIKE A MOTHER!“

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